7 Winter Wardrobe Woes And How To Fix Them

edward wilding rain coat umbrella

edward wilding rain coat umbrella

Winter brings with it countless trials and pitfalls for your wardrobe. From cars splashing you with icy water as they speed past and navigating treacherously frosted over steps, to switching from the chill outside to the punch of central heating in an instant.

But with our list of the most common winter fashion worries, and the solutions you need to combat them, you can see out the season in cosy smugness.

tan business casual brogue

Get A Grip

The slippery leather soles of shining Oxfords may feel first-class, but fall flat when the pavements become slicked with ice.

While upgrading your footwear to something sturdier, like high-top boots, can come at the cost of bunching up the fall of your slim fit trousers, you can save yourself from ‘puddling’ with a regular or wide trouser instead – a trend set to continue well into the New Year.

For a more casual look, introduce a smart shoe that has heavy-duty rubber sole into your collection, such as the Panton Tan Leather Business Casual Brogue, which are multi-purpose for both work and weekend.

Shape Up

When you’ve found your perfect pair of footwear, you need to be able to look after them so they can properly protect you.

Polishing your shoes regularly and liberally can help create a barrier from the elements, but if you find yourself in a downpour there are steps to minimise the damage caused.

Stuff your drenched shoes with newspaper and leave them to dry naturally, which helps them to stay in shape. Keep them away from radiators as the intense heat will dry out the leather making it crack.

In A Knot

A scarf is an essential piece of winter kit, but one twist too many could wind you into a Conor McGregor choke hold. Here are 3 classically stylish and warming variations to wrap you up:

parisian scarf knot

  • The Parisian. Ideal for a longer scarf, fold it in half lengthwise so that you have a loop at one end. Wrap the scarf around your neck and feed the loose ends through the loop at the front. Tighten as desired, and leave the loose ends out or tuck them into your jacket.

reverse drape cross scarf knot

  • Reverse Drape Cross. An especially insulating knot that takes the usual Once Around to the nth degree. Start off with the scarf hanging with one end longer than the other. Take the longer end and wrap it around once, and then tie the two ends together.

overhand scarf knot

  • Overhand. Drape the scarf around your neck with one end longer than the other. Take the longer end and put it over the short and tuck it up underneath at the base of your neck. Simply adjust so that the longer end lies on top of the shorter.

Layer Lightly

In cold weather, starting off with a vest or t-shirt can save you from overloading on bulky layers later on. Always choose V-neck in grey or match it to your skin tone to minimise it showing through your shirt.

Keep it versatile with a multiple thinner pieces rather than a few chunky ones. This even applies to outerwear so that it’s easy to remove when it comes to the roasting commute.

stack of bright jumpers

Winter Bright

There may be little we can do about the perpetually charcoal grey skies (except for escaping to St. Barths or Abu Dhabi), but you can battle through those winter blues by bringing colour into your life.

Replace dark tone with mood-enhancing hues and traditionally summery shades to add an uplifting spark, especially to your knitwear, chinos, and accessories.

blue check scarf and grey scarf

Great Scot!

With all the additional pieces to your winter wardrobe, like hats, gloves, and scarves, they can make or break your whole outfit.

Tartan and checks are ideal for accessories as the variety of colours in the patterns mean that they can easily be added to an already completed look at the last second without disrupting it.

Over and Outer

In an ideal world, there would be one coat to suit all moods and occasions, but as it stands the options out there are unlimited.

Smart coats can be boiled down into two main types: topcoats and overcoats. Topcoats are much lighter, and often shorter, and add an extra layer of luxury and even some waterproofing to your look, such as trench coats and macs. Overcoats, on the other hand, are heavier and woollen to primarily keep you warm.

Both are essential items to have on hand, but make sure that you try them on while wearing a shirt, jumper, and blazer, so that when you’re layered to the max you can comfortably slip on your coat without it bursting at the buttons.


What are your winter style solutions? Let us know below…

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